Animal riddles!

Can you name the animals of these descriptions?


17 responses to “Animal riddles!


    Everybody loves these animals, with their beautiful black and white fur and friendly faces. They live in the mountains of south-east China, where they spend most of their time eating bamboo.

    Who are they?


    These animals are found in parts of South America, Asia and Africa. They usually live in trees, and some of them have long tails which they use when they are climbing. They are intelligent animals and are like humans in many ways.

    Who are they?


    These birds cannot fly but they are very good swimmers! They use their wings to move through the water, where they catch fish. The female birds lay eggs, which the male birds help to incubate. They live in cold places, like Antarctica.

    Who are they?

  4. It is a dangerous animal. Usually people don’t like it. This animal lives in the rainforest, but sometimes people have it as a pet. It has a long body and there are a lot of species. The biggest of this species is called Anaconda.

    Who is it?

  5. It’s grey and very big. It lives in Africa, and in parts of India. It has a trunk and four legs. Indian people use it for walking….

  6. It lives in the rainforest, it eats meat, and it has stripes, it has big teeth and it runs very fast, this animal have 4 legs, it has a tail and a whiskers.

  7. It’s famous for its tail.It swims in the ocean and it has a very soft skin .It has a strange beak and a spiracle(the hole which it uses to breath)

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