Rainforest plants

Write a short description of these three plants:

Mahogany tree


Slipper orchid


3 responses to “Rainforest plants

  1. Mahogany tree is found in Madagascar, South America and Indonesya rainforest. The tallest Mahogany tree is 169 metres. The food of the mahogany tree is called caoba, and it is used to make furniture’s, instruments and houses.


    The Rafflesia flower is a parasitic plant that grows on the lowerslopes of mountain ranges. It is only found in certain areas of Southeast Asia.
    The flowers are either male or female. Pollen is most likely transferred from one plant to another by flies, whilst scientists believe that the small mammals that eat the fruit of the plant transfer the seeds (via their droppings, claws and facial hair) to other host sites around the forest floor. Rafflesia can grow up to one metre in diameter.

  3. The slipper orchid grows in Borneo. There are only a few of these orchids now. These orchids are one of the best orchid species to cultivate under artificial lighting. They are superb as house plants with their long lasting orchid flowers on their elegant stems. There are many spectacular hybrids available, and are about 60 species from tropical Asia extending through to India, the Solomon Islands, and New Guinea.

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